Friday, November 26, 2010

Who Do I Text Most? Who Cares?

Among the myriad of useless mobile news postings (this one included, of course), I stumbled across this little gem: Sony Ericsson's Facebook fanbase texts more to their friends than to their parents.
There was no exact number of the number of responses bt [sic] the results came in with 60% of fans saying they text “friends” over anyone else. “Girlfriends” came in second with 20% and “Boyfriend” arrived in 3rd spot 12.5% of votes. Parents came dead last with only 7.5%.
First of all, who cares? There is only one valid reason to care about who someone is texting and that reason is control. If you're a parent, you probably wouldn't want your child texting dubious characters. If you're a dictator, you probably wouldn't want your citizens texting anyone you don't want them texting, if at all. If you're somebody's jealous significant other or ex-significant other, you probably wouldn't want him, or her, texting anybody except you.

Second, isn't this just a tad bit obvious? Let's work from the bottom up. Few people text their parents. Why? Because parents generally have better things to do than try to decipher your shorthand. Boyfriends are the second least-texted category, followed by girlfriends. Why? Women are more social than men and tend to have more friends. In addition, I'm sure many women would agree that boyfriends just don't get "it." Last, and the most-texted, category is friends. Why? Numbers. People tend to have a number of friends who share their interests and usually offer variety in communication topics and styles. Friends are the ones you turn to during times of adversity, triumph, indecision and boredom. Thus, you would expect friends to top the texting charts.

Why this topic is considered important enough to run a poll on and then publish the results is anybody's guess. Perhaps its creator should get more friends?

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